Nail Trimming Service

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Nail Trimming

Keeping your toenails properly trimmed is an important part of good foot health. For a variety of reasons, it can become quite difficult, if not impossible, to trim your own toenails on a regular basis. Certain toenail conditions can result in thick toenails, or you may not be able to comfortably reach your toes. Perhaps you regularly trim your toenails, only to continually get ingrown toenails or trim the nail too close to the quick. Whatever the reason, you can trust that the podiatrists at Triad Foot Center are licensed experts in correctly and effectively trimming toenails.

We use podiatry-grade toenail clippers, which are longer and more sanitary than typical nail clippers. The cutting blade is also perpendicular and straight, which makes for better trimming of especially thick toenails. Proper clipping is the best way to prevent ingrown toenails from forming or recurring. It also prevents injury in patients with diabetes, as a small nick in the skin could easily become infected and turn into a much bigger problem. We are well-practiced in the correct way to trim toenails.