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"Getting the sole back into your life - One step at a time"


Initial Consultation & Treatments 

Your full medical history will be taken and then a basic vascular and neurological assessment of the foot will be conducted, followed by a foot health assessment. We can then discuss a treatment plan for any foot conditions found. Then after your consent, treatment will take place. 

Follow-up treatments On each occasion a routine foot health assessment will be undertaken to identify any new concerns. Your treatment will be very much personalised to your need and requirements. 

Advanced specialist treatments


We are excited to now be offering advanced;

Lacuna fungal treatments (click here)

Cryotherapy freezing treatments (click here)

Microsuction Ear Wax Removal service (click here)

Our Gold Standard Promise To You

Eco Cleaning Bio-Hygiene Products

As part of our gold standard promise to you we are proud to announce that we are now reducing our carbon footprint by using bio hygiene products that are carbon neutral and from renewable and sustainable sources.

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